The Pandemic has brought in changes in the society set up and social gatherings. The WHO protocols for social interactions and the safety of the visitors are enlisted and strictly followed at all Next Galleria malls.

Steps we have undertaken

Your safety & hygiene is very important to us. Here’s all what we’re doing to make sure you have a secure & great shopping experience.
Man 2, Next Galleria Malls
Mandatory to wear mask
Social Distancing, Next Galleria Malls
Maintain 2M social distancing
Low Temperature, Next Galleria Malls
Temperature check at entrances
Food Delivery 2, Next Galleria Malls
Mandatory mask & hand sanitization for all food court staff
Air Conditioner, Next Galleria Malls
Safe air conditioning as per guidelines
Hand Wash, Next Galleria Malls
Hand Sanitizers across the mall

With tons of safety measures for COVID.

Any suggestions?

We would love to take your suggestions. Please feel free to provide any suggestions that would help us together create a safe environments at the Next Galleria Malls.